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Questions? the time for change!

Chances are, you're not the first person to ask. Take a look at answers to some of our more frequently asked questions.

  • What is Creative Visualization Wellness

    Creative Visualization Wellness is a natural and normal state of the mind in which the body experiences a state of deep physical relaxation while the mind remains clear, alert and focused. In this altered state of awareness, the subconscious mind becomes open and suggestible. This allows the establishment of accepting selective thinking, thoughts ideas and concepts that you want to have operate in your life. This is how change happens.

  • What is Motivation Therapy?

    Motivation Therapy is the use of creative visualization wellness by trained Practitioners to help a person to make positive changes in their life. The use of motivation therapy allows the practitioner to help motivate the subconscious mind directly for the change you want. All learned behaviors and habits, either good or bad, resides in the subconscious mind. Creative visualization speeds up the process of positive change since the practitioner is working directly with the subconscious mind. Old unwanted negative associations and patterns of behavior can easily be removed and replaced with positive beneficial ones. It is all about motivation for change.

  • Will I be asleep during the session?

    No, you are definitely not asleep, although to an observer, your body may appear to be sleeping because you are in a state of deep physical and mental relaxation. You are completely awake and aware of your surroundings. You hear, feel and smell everything. Since all your senses are magnified, you are actually more alert and aware while you are in creative visualization than you are in your normal waking state.

  • Is Wellness Creative Visualization Dangerous?

    Not at all! It is just a natural state of the mind utilized by the practitioner for purposes of helping the individual change certain habits or patterns of behavior. The mind has natural defenses built in which will automatically reject any suggestions it deems harmful. The practitioner cannot make you do or say anything against your will. You always remain in control of all your senses at all times.

  • Can anyone do this?

    Yes. Any person of at least average intelligence and ability to focus and concentrate can go into a state of wellness. The better one is able to concentrate and focus and the more intelligent a person is, the easier it is. Above all, the person must be willing. If you don't want to be motivated, then it won't work. Your natural defenses in your mind will prevent this from happening. Will creative visualization wellness and motivation work for me? This depends entirely upon you. If you are serious and really want to work on the issue and improve your life, then it will work wonders. If you really don't want to give up that bad habit or change, and just are not being entirely honest with yourself, then hypnotherapy will not be as effective for you. You will just end up sabotaging yourself and remain where you are. The choice is yours - change and improve your life for the better or don't, it's up to you!

  • How many sessions will it take?

    Depending on the issue you are working on and how deeply rooted it is, the results may be immediate, just after a couple of sessions or it may take several sessions for you to start to see the results you desire. This cannot be determined until the initial consultation. Sessions can vary anywhere from 1 to 5 sessions to change that particular issue. Often people are so happy with the results they have achieved, that they continue with the motivation therapy to work on other issues.