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Reviews the time for change!

"I was a chain smoker and a karate instructor knew I needed to quit smoking. I wasn't convinced that wellness motivation could help me quit. I was truly surprised when after a week went by and I had absolutely no cravings to have a cigarette. In fact, I did not even want to smoke. What really convinced me that creative visualization is the only way to quit smoking was when I reached my second year of being a non-smoker and it was the easiest thing I have ever done in my life. Robert Yelland is in deed 'the King' of quit smoking."
Reg Lake, Peterborough Ontario

"Thanks to Robert Yelland, I am a non-smoker. I highly recommend Robert to any one that wants to quit smoking. Robert took the time to help me feel comfortable and relaxed. Robert has a gentle way that made it easy for me to allow the mindfulness to work. I am enjoying my smoke free life and my grandchildren thank him too"
Maive, Mississauga Ontario

"Thank you Robert for helping me quit smoking! I am truly a non-smoker now. I was worried that I might start smoking again through my divorce and had mentioned this to Robert in session. He helped me address this by looking a possible triggers that could come up. I am so glad that I had Robert Yelland do the creative visualization with me as I have now been divorced and remarried; it's been 4 years and I am still and always will be, a non-smoker . Thank you so much Robert!"
Michelle O'Connor, Brampton Ontario

"I knew that I could loose some of the weight as I was an obsessive dieter. I also knew that I would put the weight back on, it was just a matter of time. Cheryl Yelland helped me to change my relationship with food and the way I thought about food. I have lost over 50 lbs and have kept it off and best of all I no longer diet. My life has changed so much just in the fact that I no longer obsess about food. I eat for the right reasons and I live more. Thank you Cheryl for giving me back my life, I will never forget what you have done for me and I appreciate it."
Jessica Belford, Toronto Ontario

"I lost the needed 60 lbs with Life Changes Wellness Center. I especially liked the way that Cheryl Yelland worked on so many different areas of my weight issues. I will definitely tell others about your weight management program."
Gail Steiner, Kitchener Ontario

"Wow! This really works. At first I felt that the process of loosing the weight was going to take too long. I wanted to loose the weight fast but was reassurred by Cheryl Yelland from Life Changes Wellness Center that a slower weight loss would mean a more permanent weight loss. Cheryl Yelland was right. I did loose the weight very slowly but now that it had been so long and I still am loosing weight and I have not gained any weight back, I am a believer! I see now that the real reason for my success is due to the change of how I think about food and not necessarily about how much I eat. If you want to loose weight and keep it off, I recommend Cheryl Yelland's weight management program"
Debbie Mann, London Ontario